Dog Portraits – Reinforcing my Painting Style

"These quick paintings have reinforced my painting style and allowed me to improve my process of painting"

I’ve been doing a lot of dog portraits lately. It’s been a while since I posted so I wanted to update you on some of my latest creations. This year, with the Pandemic keeping most people at home, I began doing much quicker sketches and paintings at home while in the studio. I was even asked to do some ZOOM workshops! This year began on a focus to texture my work. This was one of my goals for 2020 since I started my 3rd year of painting.

The idea started as a quick way to continue sketching and practicing my drawing and painting skills. I do most of these works in my sketchbook.

These smaller sketches allow me to quickly paint and sketch usually each work under an hour. It has helped to reinforce my technique of painting and I’ve discovered some interesting things along the way.

I’ve learned how to lift and ‘push paint around’ by re-wetting the surface. I’ve also learned to lay down thick and rich areas of paint and concentrate on more texturing that includes scratching, blotting and lifting. This has now added to my initial process of painting as discussed in an earlier post entitled “Streamlining the Watercolor Process”.

These works have now reinforced a painting technique that is truly unique to my way of painting. It has also allowed me to better ‘unify’ my painting when it comes to tonal value and texture.

I have also started a YouTube Channel and thought I would share this with you. I’ve added one of my paintings from the YouTube Channel. Enjoy!


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