My First Year of Painting Watercolor

" In watercolor and other forms of painting, you must persevere to move forward. Not every painting will be a masterpiece. "

April 1st, 2018,  marks my first year painting watercolor.  To say that I am surprised at my online response and general response to my paintings, is an understatement.

I thought I would take a break from painting and reflect on my first year as a watercolor artist.  As you all know, I painted my first watercolor in April.  my portrait of a lonely, green apple.

If you would like to read of my experience in watercolor painting , you can read my earlier post on what I learned in my first 6 months of painting.

I wanted to also share with you some of my paintings that I completed late last year and earlier this year.

My journey in the medium of watercolor has been fulfilling so far.  There is definitely a few aspects to my painting that has improved my results.  The first is painting indoors in a studio setting.  This gives me the opportunity to paint from photos and to ‘experiment’ with techniques.

Drawing, of course, cannot be overemphasized.  I practice sketching a lot.  I learned how important this really was from Vladislav Yeliseyev  and his workshop.   The importance of composition and learning how to tonally improve the paintings.

I am still struggling with light and how to juxtapose light and dark tones.  I think this is what really makes winning paintings and I’m still amazed at how the master’s achieve it.

I have started painting more plein air, which I find a little more challenging than just painting in the studio.  However, I believe painting takes on a more relaxed and authentic feel when painting outdoors.

I have done a few private shows now and public art walks and shows in Rockport and Corpus Christi.  I was also fortunate to have won first place in my first watercolor show, the 48th Annual Watercolor Society of South Texas and also the Vava Callahan Memorial Award at the Tri Group 54th Annual Art Exibition.  So, 2018 has started off in a good way.

“Dry Dock Repairs” – (Arches Paper 11 x 15 – Daniel Smith Watercolor Paints) – PRIVATE COLLECTION

Some of my goals this year will be to continuing painting outdoors and improve my plein air painting.  I believe, this will be the best way to improve and capture tone more accurately.  I’m still experimenting with technique.

I’ve been fortunate to have learned my foundations early from some of the best watercolor artists in the world.  I’m thankful for their support and the support of my social media family.  Thank you all and happy painting!


    1. Thank you Anica and I’m glad you found me! Yes, I have been very fortunate to take off with my painting as I did, I don’t take it for granted. It is a challenging medium, but so much fun, I can’t see painting in anything else right now! Best


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