My Typical Sunday Morning

I got out this last weekend on Sunday for my usual Plein Air painting.  It was a gorgeously cooler day for South Texas.  With the temperatures being upwards in the 90’s and record highs for this time of year, the morning was refreshingly cool at 75 degrees!

I have been posting a lot on instagram some of my works.  This Sunday, I managed to take some videos and get in some plein air painting on the bayfront.  I hope you enjoy!

So here is some of my latest work on the bayfront.

This is getting to be one of my favorite spots to paint. This area is directly on the L-Head in Corpus Christi. It is right in front of the Yacht Club. I have an interesting story to share. I was out there painting and the manager for the Yacht club approached me. I was expecting him to say something like, “you’re on private property, you can’t paint here”. However, this was not the case. He invited me inside and asked if I could produce some original work to hang in the yacht club. I was very humbled and honored to do it. So, looks like I’ll be painting more around here to produce some work for the Corpus Christi Yacht Club.

This is an intesting piece with a story. After Hurricane Harvey hit, there were a few boats in our marina that sunk. This was one of them. And it was being completely scuttled!


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