My First Art Show

On October 29th, I had my first art show.  What a humbling and wonderful experience.  Bellino’s Italian restaurant in Corpus Christi hosted the event.  I am so appreciative to the owners of Bellino’s for opening their doors for this event and introducing the local public to my art work.

About 30-35 people show up for the event.  It featured many of my latest watercolors and some of my older works from May and June.  I was interested to see how the work would be accepted.  And it appears many who visited loved the works and seemed to find an appreciation for the art of watercolor.

Here are some of the original works I sold at the show:

I sold a number of prints that included two works that I’m unable to sell for an upcoming show.  I’ll be selling these 2 works at the upcoming Dimensions show at the Art Center of Corpus Christi in December.  

I am very excited to know that my art work is getting out in the world. It seems to complete the circle of creativity as a work begins, takes on life as a painting and is then sold to an appreciative buyer!

I began this journey in April 2017,  never having really painted.  There is so much to learn about watercolor .  The techniques, drawing and so much more.  I really didn’t know where to start, but with the help of a few influencial artists, I started this journey on the right foot.    I want to take this opportunity to thank some good folks on their inspiration and guidance:

Daniel Marshall

Dan, thanks for showing me the basics of watercolor and how to hold a brush!  I can proudly say you were the first person to enlighten me in composition and the basics of watercolor.  I know at this early stage, my journey would only get better.

Frank Eber

Frank, your workshop in Chatham, Cape Cod was so inspirational.  I learned how to glaze my watercolors and think more about tones.  Your approach to the medium was so simple and elegant.  It was my first class setting and workshop and it did not disappoint!  It was great having dinner with you and getting to know a little more about the art world.

Iain Stewart

Iain, your workshop in Alabama was both inspiring and fun!  This was my second workshop and , I must say, the most entertaining!  I realize that not all are as lucky to attend such a great workshop as yours.  It was fun to sit and talk with you over a simple beer and learn about the ins and outs of watercolor.

Thanks again to all who attended and to everyone who is supporting me on Facebook and Instagram!



    1. Yes, you are one of my plein air idols for sure! Painting in general takes lots of time and practice. It’s the perfect retirement hobby for me! (Although I’m not retiring for another 10 years, I wanted to get a head start!)

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