My First Attempt at Watercolor

So, here it is, my journey into the art of watercolor.  I did some watercolor in school and started young (as early as the 3rd grade).  I was somewhat gifted in art, but didn’t pursue it after high school.

So, today, I made my first attempt at the art of watercolor.  This was a tough project for me.

As many of you may already know, I run Featured E Magazine and have been very inspired lately by Watercolor.  I recently did an interview on John Haywood who runs the blog,  Brushes with Watercolour.  He inspired me to start this new little blog to keep up my interest and hopefully get some feedback on my projects.

The hardest thing I have found in this first attempt is actually matching the correct colors.  I will be starting this new blog and attempt a sort of chronology to my work.

First, I used the Strathmore Watercolor paper, 140lb variety.  I also used the Staedtler Watercolor paints for my first work.

I took a simple photo of an apple and copied it to the paper with simple pencil.  For this first attempt, I also used tracing paper to capture just the outline and shadow.

As you can see, my first attempt lacks some of the subtle transitions from reds, yellows and greens.  It also lacks some of the smoother transitions to the darker right side of the apple.

I found in my first attmpt that the colors seemed to be too dark as I started and I found myself blotting the paper a lot.  I found a simple trick in my early attempt that includes ‘washing’ the colors together a little after they begin to dry.  I’m sure I’ll continue to learn some of these subtle tricks to improve the color transitions.

Well, before my next project, I’ll do some more reading and looking at YouTube videos.  I did find a good teaching series by the Watercolor artist Stan Miller.

Stay tuned for my next project and happy painting!

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